Trips & Tours

I’m always riding my bike, but nothing beats loading up a bike and going on a multiday tour. I try to do a trip in a different country at least once a year even if it’s only for a weekend. I will continue to blog about trips as they happen here. I plan on putting up some posts about my previous trips including tips and trips for some of the countries I have visited so far.

Tiz'n'Test Pass Morocco

Tiz’n’Test Pass Morocco

I kept a  blog on another site during my European tour, I have attempted to transfer across to keep everything in one place. So please check back and read some of these posts (it takes bloody ages to transfer them across). There is plenty of adventure and lots of silly stories as well as tips for riding in different countries.

Central Otago, South Island New Zealand

Central Otago, South Island New Zealand

I’m currently based in the US and I’m trying to get out and ride in as many different places as possible. When the weather improves I plan on checking out some iconic US trails so be sure to look out for some posts about them here.


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